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Do you connect or identify with any particular fictional character? If so, which one and why? If you could be that character in their world for one day, what would you do?
LAPD Detective Hieronymus 'Harry' Bosch... When I was in my early 20s, I found this character who was created by Michael Connelly and all I wanted to do was be someone like him. Someone who worked Open-Unsolved Cases. I would definitely want to walk in his shoes for a day, I think it would be one of the best experiences that I could have for a day.

"Everybody counts or nobody counts." - Bosch

Random Happy Thought: Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed

I must say this. I love this game. It's soo much fun. And it isn't just about killing, it also has things you have to do. Although, I enjoy an aspect of this game that I wouldn't talk about. I love the pakouring aspect of it too. I wish I could pakour... of course, that's not possible since I have a fear of heights. I wish that I had found this game sooner, but it's still fun to play now. It was originally my practice so I could play Batman: Arkham Asylum, but I'm actually enjoying it.

Random Happy Thought: Man of Steel Soundtrack
Man of Steel Soundtrack

As of right now, I think that this is my favorite soundtrack. It captures the essence of Superman pretty well. It has been said that the composer didn't use the well known Superman motif that is well known for Superman movies. I believe that it worked better because of it. I think that Man of Steel was trying to get away from the Superman that was already well known. And it helps that the composer didn't follow John Williams. But I love this soundtrack because it is different and that's what I wanted. It's beautiful and well put together and fights with the movie very well and it breathes a sense of calmness when listening to it like the Gladiator soundtrack and The Last Samurai.

Random Happy Thought: Clara Oswin Oswald

Let's see... what can I say about her? Out of all The Doctor's companion, I like Clara the most. I might... wait, I believe that Clara is the prettiest. I like her personality too. I like what she stands for. And I also like what she does. I find Clara an interesting character, I didn't really find Rose or Martha and especially not Donna an interesting characters. I didn't find Amy Pond interesting tho. But the mystery behind Clara was an excellent one. Besides... she is a lot of fun interacting with The Doctor. I have to say... my favorite companion. Wait... did I comment on how pretty she is? Yeah, she is PRETTY!

Random Happy Thought: Henrietta "Etta" Bishop

There's just something about her. I guess, it's because she is blonde. I haven't quite figured it out. However, the more important thing is that she is in Fringe. Just for humor, there have been three pretty blondes on Fringe. They are... obviously, Olivia Dunham, the character played by Diane Kruger whose name I can't remember to save my life, and there is Etta. Anyways... I just wanted to share a pretty face and a happy memory of the show.

Disneyland 2013
I hate amusement parks. I just don't like it. I don't like roller coasters and all that other stuff. But sometimes... I feel that I have do what is necessary. I'm going to explain this idea. I haven't seen my cousin, Albert in a very long time. Like most people I have many cousins... some I don't like and others I've never met cause they are in South Korea. But I have two cousins that I refer to as my favorite because I guess, in a sense, I'm closest to these two. And whenever we spend time together, it always feels like we are having the most fun we could. Lately, I've spent so much of my time worrying about the outcome of tests and stuff that I've forgotten to let go and unwind a bit.

Albert is a teacher, he teaches choir. Al has always loved music... from a very young age, he has always played piano and sang in choir. If I told you that my aunt would go to all of this concerts, I would not be lying. My aunt always made time for his concerts. I've always treated Albert like the little brother that I've never had, but I've always wanted. Something has happened to him and it amazes me to know that the innocent, fun kid has been replaced by this guy who understands the cruelty of this world and is ready to deal. For some reason, when it came to him, I always kind of tried to keep it light and fun. If you've seen me interact with my cousin, I'm sure you'd be shocked cause that hard-ass, jackass that I am is gone and replaced by a jokester who like playing jokes on my cousin. Watching my cousin with his students, I was in wow!! My cousin has grown up to be this great teacher whom his student like. I wish I got see it, I wish I got to see him progress into this guy whom I'm proud to know. It's awesome to know and see. I have a feeling that he is going to be a greater teacher than he is already.

I went to Disney cause Albert's cousin's choir students were going to come and sing. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go... but, my parents wanted me to go and support him. It had to be done. And he is my cousin and I've been unable to go and visit him because of all the stuff that has been happening. Disney has changed since I've been there. There is something magical about Disney. I must say. I watched his choir sing and they were brilliant. They were a lot better than I would have imagined, but then again... I really don't know what I was thinking. I probably would've they were great regardless. I took several pictures.

Albert, his friend and I went to lunch at Rain Forest Cafe. I thought it would be better. I felt bad for Albert, he kept looking at his phone to make sure nothing was wrong wit his kids. The strange thing was that they were in Middle school and they all had cell phones. Me... my first cell phone was in college. One of the kids had lost his ticket. So we had to go, but the kid found it in is room. It was interesting. The first ride we got on was Space Mountain. I forgot why. I had agreed to ride rides that I wouldn't get wet on. I don't like getting wet oddly enough. There's a joke later. So... we are standing in line and we start joking around about how Albert turns into the demon child when we are playing Call of Duty. Of course, Albert has the right to get mad at me cause I'm terrible at video games. I called him Atrocious. You know, the leader of the Red Lanterns. I thought it was funny. He is nothing like Atrocious tho. But I thought it was pretty funny cause we were talking about Green Lantern. So... we get on Space Mountain. Only, I was carrying a pack and I thought the bar that's supposed to hold you down didn't click. I was worried that it would let me go and I would by holding on the bar. I was scarred for my life and there was no eject button or stop. I was sitting there holding on for dear life. It was funny after the ride. I think I don't like the feeling of adrenaline pumping through my veins. Interestingly enough, I managed to survive the ride. I had trouble walking afterwards, I grabbed Albert for stability. It was horrible. We got into some ride for Buzz. And then we got on Pirates of the Caribbean, I'm not fond of dips or anything else for the matter especially not when there is water involved. I didn't really get wet, but I was jokingly yelling at Albert for not telling me about the dips. It was in all good fun. I think I do have a fear of falling. We left and went to California Adventures. I saw this Ferris Wheel, but the ride didn't stop there and moved around. I looked at Albert, "I don't see how that's a party". It thought was funnier than saying... "I don't see how that's fun." And then there was this ride called California Screamin' which is a roller coaster. And as you've heard me say before I don't like roller coasters. We went to this different Toy Story themed ride. Oh after Pirates, I wanted to get on Indy. I had never been on Indy. But it was down. It is always down when I want to get on it. Annoying. We got back to the Disneyland, where we got on Star Tour. If you know me, you know that I've wanted a golden retriever and I've wanted to call him, Chewie. But I joking told Albert that, I would like to call him Artoo. So that if he rides in the back seat, I could yell, "Hang on back there.". Hahahah. Albert's response, "You would do that." It was funny. At least, I thought so. Oh man, Star Tour gave me a bad neck pain from the jerking and what not. It was fun tho. My beloved pod-race was on it. If you know... I hated the pod-race sequence. To finish out the night, I got onto Hollywood Tower Hotel. If you don't know, it is an elevator ride that drops you. I had made them a deal that I would do this one crazy shit. I'm getting old, I didn't want to ride on a roller coaster, even though I technically did with Space Mountain. But what I found out about riding Hollywood Tower is that, through all the screaming and yelling, I think I might've gotten some stress out of my system. It felt good. It was funny, before I got on it. My nerves were starting to get to me. I was starting to feel a lot of anxiety about it. The build up was alright. It was fun. The sensation you when you are falling is not a really good one. I felt like my stomach had reached my throat. I was glad that I hadn't eaten anything since lunch. Oh... Albert's friend told me that it was okay for me to open my eyes and I opened it. Yeah, not the best idea in the world. I was like "no" the next time. It was funny. I screamed, I yelled and I did an amazing amount of cursing in fear. Before we got on the ride, Albert had come up with a fun idea. He wanted to know if I would be up for this next year. I think that it would be good for me to try and get through my fears and work through them. I also feel that it is a healthy way of getting a bit of rage out of me.

Overall... it was fun experience and I enjoyed the time I spent with my cousin.

Quote: "I don't see how that's a party". - Black Widow (The Avengers)

Goodbye, Fringe
For the past five years, I had one tv show that I always looked forward to watching. One show that I've always made me want to know more. That show ended this month. It's Fringe.


From the moment it came on the air, I was interested with a premise that was something you would've expected from the people who made The X-Files and how I have been looking for something like that show. But if you strip away all the psuedo science fiction and stuff, what you have is a story about a father and a son learning to co-exist. Fringe is basically about Walter and Peter, father and son. Of course, you have to throw in a pretty FBI Agent who brings the father and son together. And also... the love my life, Olivia Dunham. She is a smart and very hot. I've always found the character very interesting because she isn't just a 1 dimensional character, the character has many layers to her and when you think that you've learned everything you can about Olivia, you find out something new about her. This is a tv show about her and Peter too. I also enjoyed all the fringe science, the strange and almost odd science things that Walter had done. There are a lot of things I could talk about in this show.

I'm going to miss this show. But there will always be my DVD collection. And OLIVIA to remind me. I guess, now my iPhone will also be a good reminder since it will play the theme as it's ringtone and have the Fringe Division Logo on my phone. I have only had this feeling once before and that was when X-Files was cancelled strange. I kind of wish that Fringe would've just continued forever.

Writing #1: Man at Sea
A man floated on the surface of the ocean, it was blue with the sun beating down on him. About 100 meters away from the man was the wreckage of his boat which had exploded. The man rolled his body towards the sun, he had remember seeing the sun behind him as he decided that there was no sign of land in every direction. The man started swimming, he focused on trying to stay alive and continue moving. He had taken off his shirt and shorts because it was too much weight against him. He swam for about 30 minutes a he floated on the surface, it would've been a nice day if he wasn't stuck in the middle of nowhere in the middle of this body of water. He closed his eyes, but when he opened it. The man's face started to turn sour as the sky started to gather a storm, the man quickly turned around and tried to swim faster or as fast as he could manage. The man could feel little raindrops as he was swimming, he looked behind him to see a massive wave coming for him. Like the mouth of Earth trying to eat him to come one with the sea, the wave smashed right into him. The impact caught him off guard and dragged him into the sea as he tried to fight his way back to the surface, the more he fought the quicker his body went under. The man floated back to the surface as he gasped for air, he tried to relax without knowing what was coming next. But when he heard the sound, he face turned sad. Another wave came crashing into him as it pushed him into the depth of the ocean, the taste of sea water started to fill his lungs as the man fought, the water just made it more difficult for him to fight. He tried to reach for the surface, as his feet stood still and the movement made him feel like he was going deeper in the sea. He started to except the fact that his time had come as an air bubble escape his mouth and the man's eyes just look into teh blueness of the sea. His body was spat out by the ocean, but the man's body just feel limp and floated on the surface as teh man's lifeless eyes just stared up. Minute later, a fishing boat found the man.

Random Happy Thought: Selina Kyle

Anne Hathaway was an awesome Catwoman. It was nice to see a different interpretation of this character who is more serious and doesn't really behave like a cat by meowing or flicking her tail at people. I also found the interaction between Batman and Catwoman very funny and interesting. It was very playful like they are in the comics. I also like the fact that she is very pretty and looks even hotter in the particle Catwoman outfit because she actually looks like a theft more than a cat. I'm sold on this Catwoman.

The Dark Knight Rises

I'm officially excited about The Dark Knight Rises. I've personally enjoyed Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. I'm not totally sure how my life will continue with knowing there is another Nolan's Batman out there. I've loved every minute of Batman Begins, from the fights to the slow moments between Bruce and Alfred. The Dark Knight is probably my favorite superhero movie. I love the idea of a hero's sacrifice for the greater good because in the end, it's what you expect someone like Batman would do because it is the ultimate sacrifice to be hunted like a criminal. I love a lot of things about all of these movies, but I think that I should mention that Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard's scores are amazing and fit the movie well. Favorite track on Batman Begins is Molossus and The Dark Knight are Harvey Two-Face and Like a Dog Chasing Cars. I'm excited, but I'm also kind of sad that it will be ending and that I have a feeling that no one will ever top what Nolan has done with Batman in my lifetime.

"Why do we fall, sir? So that we might learn to pick ourselves up." - Pennyworth


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